Main functionalities of the Scanshoots® solution.

A user without any photography or computer graphics knowledge can place three clothing articles in three different colors (blue, white, and pink for the below example) on the Scanshoots® table. In one click, he or she will be able to simultaneously obtain three cut-out and re-sized files that can be directly used for e-commerce, e-shop, or printing purposes.
The idea is to obtain an initial photograph with the backlit table, and a second consecutive photograph with the backlit table turned off and using day light.
This process only takes a few seconds and is completely automatic. The Scanshoots® solution automatically controls the camera and the components (backlit table and day light)
The advantage of the Scanshoots® solution is the ability to increase the number of images as it is possible to photograph multiple objects or products at a time. The user will then test the cut-out result by modifying the background of each image.
Each visual is automatically generated as a high or low definition independent PNG file.

This video was done using men’s products such as socks, boxers, tee-shirts, etc (24 total products) in their original packaging (Muji® brand). There is a preview function to help position the products to ensure that the objects are in the area of the table that is photographed. You can see that it is possible to photograph products with different colors at the same time (black, beige, white…).
Scanshoots® solution produces a unique image creation that is able to process 24 cut out images at once (each image is represented in a small version in the right hand column). We can see the example with the images of the beige gloves or the white socks that are completely cut out.
We can notice, from the video, that each product has a green line around the image, making it possible to generate, in addition to the cut out image, a DXF vector file. This allows the user to know the dimensions of each segment for all 24 products. This option is useful notably for merchandising services who, with the help of another software can know, in one click, the number of articles that can be stored in a location (shelf, closet…) by using the dimensions.
In this example, we can see that the dimension of the bottom of the white sock is 6.87cm.

This video illustrates the Scanshoots® solution used by FACOM/Black & Decker to help obtain images of their tools for their e-commerce and BtoB; and also to obtain vector files so that the imprints of the tools can be cut-out in mousse to allow for the fabrication of carrying cases or storage for the tools.
In the video, we can see the position of the two differently colored tools where two shots were taken simultaneously to obtain cut-out PNG files and cut files.
It is possible to automatically generate the cut out shape with an additional boarder or margin. In this case, this function is useful in order for the tools to fit properly in a foam case.

Scanshoots® solution works for all different types of objects no matter what size. In this video, a test is done with a floor cleaning product showing the result when using a classic internet browser.

The below video is an image of a floral arrangement of which a manual cut-out can be tedious. The principle explained earlier can be applied in this situation as well.