Why is shooting so crucial for e-commerce?

In a physical store, the customer can touch and try products, which is not the case in a virtual store (one of main hindrances in online purchases). On an e-commerce site, as there is not a sales person to give advice, the photo is essential since it is the visual reference for the product. A photograph with poor quality can be responsible for up to 60% loss of sales.
According to internet users, a poorly photographed product is associated to poor quality product. The decision to purchase is linked not only to the offer but also product quality. The photograph must reassure the online customer. Your images are your window display.

What are the criteria for a good e-commerce photo?

Consumers need a precise product presentation. The colors need to be true to better appreciate the product quality and to avoid any returns or contention. This is highly dependent on the lighting quality. In the studio, the light is soft and diffused to avoid undesirable reflection and shadows.
In order to have value and to be reused, the photographs need to be cut-out. This step can be done using tools such as Photoshop®, but the work is still long and tedious: from ten minutes to an hour depending on the complexity of the product. The cut-out allows for the article to be used again in another situation without having to photograph it again.
Professionals need images with different sizes and formats in order to use their shots in different formats: collection books, sales books, web site or internal use. These needs can be constraint when it is needed to photograph one product many times resulting in lost time.

What solutions do companies have today?

Internal Photos

The company can have an equipped room dedicated to shooting their products (with adequate lighting, colored backgrounds, and cameras) with either an employed or freelance photographer, who is in charge of the photography sessions. They can also have a light box to simulate cut-out photographs. To get this effect, the photographs are taken in a perfectly white environment, type RVB 255, which will still require a manual cut-out.

External Photos

The company can use a third party to take pictures in their studio with their materials (the average price is 15 to 30 € for each product). This solution is practical but is costly.

What is the convenience of the unique ScanShoots® solution?

ScanShoots® is an “all in one” solution to photograph your products and for automatic cut-outs to directly obtain your images in png, jpg, etc type files. They can be diffused without any touch ups so that they can cope with the weaknesses of the existing solutions.