ScanShoots® software functionalities

Simultaneous shooting and cut-cut outs of multiple images at the same time (unique solution)

Unlimited number of profiles by product type

Possibility to obtain exact image dimensions (useful for merchandising)

Control over the camera (color temperatures, luminosity)

Automatic control over all components (lighting, backlit table and shots)

Help with product positioning: preview of the screen in real time of the products to position

Capture high resolution images

Automatically cut out images allowing for background choices

Possibility to integrate an ERP system or other similar information system.

Photographs are Photoshop® ,compatible

Automatic generation of files: JPEG HD or Web, PNG, DXF

Automatic generation of image files (PNG) and vector files (DXF) with the same source

Files named manually or automatically with the possibility to use a GENCOD bar code scanner Automatic distortion correction depending on the product.

Automatic keystone correction based products

Possibility to modify the image orientation after the shooting

Automatic resizing of images depending on the usage

Annotations on photo

Watermark image protection

Modification on shadows or reflections around objects before shooting and saving settings into product profiles.

Automatically change background colors

Required Configuration

ScanShoots® package

Operating System :Windows XP/7/8® 32 and 64 bits A back lit LED table (vertical or horizontal) with adjustable legs to all possible dimensions.
Processor: Pentium® or equivalent (minimum 1 GHz)
RAM Memory : 2GB is suggested
Graphics : min. 1024 x 768, True colour A camera such as CANON 70D or others
Port USB : 1 port USB 2.0 min. Two homogenous light sources
Automatic management of peripheral devices and electrical connectors
ScanShoots® Software