The solution to optimize your shooting photos

The shooting solution formed to revolutionize

flat and vertical photography.

A concept accessible to all
The principle: in a click of the mouse, you can automatically obtain high definition cut-out photos in the desired format.

  • For flat shooting, the objects or articles just need to be set on the backlit table.
  • For vertical shooting, the subject (mannequin or other large object) needs to be placed in front of the lit background.

All the components (camera, devices, day light bulbs, backlit table) are managed through the ScanShoots® software.

Unique technological innovation

Possibility to process multiple images at the same time within three seconds.


Reduced imagery costs Increased productivity.

Available in two versions:
  • • Horizontal Version (illuminated table) used for flat shooting, such as shoes, leather goods, accessories or all other articles, with or without light reflection.
  • • Vertical Version (lit background) favored in the fashion sector for ghost mannequin or model pack shots.

The dimensions will be adapted to the size of your products (a customized solution).

French technology

Materials and software are developed and made in France

Intuitive usage

It is simple to manage the parameters of automatic or manual photos by creating a saved profile by article type (color, temperature, luminosity, ISO standard film speed, speed, light control, diaphragm opening, etc).

Instant cut-outs

Cut-out images automatically saved on a clear layer in PNG format) using a technology and algorithm that leverages our knowledge from over 30 years in the CAD/CAM sector.

Automatic product dimensions

There is a possibility to use the actual dimensions of photographed products (this function is useful for merchandising, as an example). Automatic generation of a DXF vector file (in order to cut out the imprint of the materials or containers). This technology has come from the development of a calibrated algorithm and from automatic resizing of photographed products

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